Panagiotis is currently a Computer Science student in the University of Piraeus, in Greece. During this time, he has also attended a semester at the Science, Engineering and Computing faculty of the University of Kingston, as part of the Erasmus+ exchange program.

He has always been a computer programming and video games enthusiast, thus by combining both of those interests, he started learning his first coding languages at the age of 14, in order to modify his favorite games. Eventually, at the age of 18 he scored 98% at the programming module required for the national exams, which led to him being accepted into the Department of Informatics of the University of Piraeus.

In 2013, he started developing his first commercial application, a botting application which was used to play "FIFA Ultimate Team" (a mode of the globally known FIFA game series) automatically. Within the first few weeks, it became a success and widely known within the botting communities of the game. He maintained the application for 2 years before eventually ceasing its availability.

This application sparked the interest of some of the members of the FIFA community, and he was approached by them in order to work for a website related to game digital markets. He worked for this website for 2 years. During this period, he gained massive hands-on experience on web development, as he developed plugins and applications for Wordpress and Magento, and websites using MVC frameworks such as Laravel. He also created many more complex automation applications, using custom trained OCR and Selenium for automated web browsing.

In 2015, he started working for KONAMI and the Pro Evolution Soccer series as a Data Editor. In this role, he was required to meet strict deadlines providing data for the game's database, as this meant that the users playing the game would receive the most realistic and immersive experience possible. In 2018, his contract was renewed for the latest installment of the series, "Pro Evolution Soccer 2019", and he was also promoted to the role of Senior Data Editor.

In 2017, as part of his time in the University of Kingston, he was required to create a demo game in Unity. As a fan of the Legend of Zelda series, he created a top-down 3D Action-Adventure game which he called "Hero Tales", in which the main character explores a small part of the map in order to find a sword, and then fights randomly spawning opponents until the game is over. Using free assets downloaded in the Unity Asset Store, he wrote all the code included in the game in C#. The final mark he got on the module was A, with a grade of 81%.

Finally, as he still sees programming as a hobby, he hasn't stopped creating projects that he likes, while at the same time enriching his skills. Ī¤hese projects include a Blender Python plugin which acts as an importer of a third party file format (.FMDL), and a website which is used to create custom content for the Pro Evolution Soccer series.