FIFA Ultimate Team Bot, was an old commercial project, based on the popular mode of the FIFA game series, Ultimate Team.

In FIFA Ultimate Team, the player wins ingame coins by playing football matches, which they can then spend on items such as players, found in an online auction market. In this market, the player can also gain more coins, if they manage to sell items in a price higher than the price they got them.

This Bot application manages to do this automatically. By logging in the game as the player, it continuously searches for underpriced items and then sells them for a price that can maximize profit for the player. This way, the player can gain massive advantage over other players who try to manually do this trading method, and gain a lot more coins, much faster.

This application was being sold in FIFA player communities, and was developed and supported for almost 2 years, starting from September 2013 until August 2015.

After the developer company clearly stated that using such an application infringes their terms of use, the application stopped being available to the public.