EvoAPI was the API developed for the website EvoNinja, a website which specialized in digital game currency trading. It was developed for Woocommerce of Wordpress and then ported for Magento.

The goal of EvoAPI was to automatically allow users who wanted to sell their game currency to find another user who wanted to buy this ingame currency, without them of course having to communicate directly, and of course ensuring that all parties would be 100% safe in the process. The user selling their game currency would then get paid the respective value of what they sold in real money, while a broker fee was kept for the website.

This system was the main advertised technology of the website, as most of it's profit was being generated by these transactions. As a result, maintaining it constantly and ensuring everything was working as intended was a very crucial aspect of it, as any kind of failure would set both buyers' and sellers' property at risk.