FMDL Importer-Exporter, is a work-in-progress Python plugin developed for Blender, which is used to import and export FMDL file format 3D Models.

FMDL file format is the format used by KONAMI's Fox Engine (and FMDL stands for Fox MoDeL), and contains lots of information about meshes used in most of their recent games, such as Metal Gear Solid and Pro Evolution Soccer. Examples of the information included within such a file would be of course mesh definitions, multiple uv layers, material and texture instances, normal and shading parameters, bone instances, and of course, LOD face information.

Since this is a complex file format, there is a lot of work needed to properly read all data available and implement it in a 3rd party application such as Blender correctly. Luckily, both Blender and Python provide many tools for developers to implement almost anything within their engines. Thus, since there is a great need in several game modding communities (my interest being primarily in PES's community) for a way to import and export custom 3D models, I started working on this project.

At the moment, importing is fully complete, and every model can be imported and viewed in Blender correctly as if it were shown in the game. In the screenshots presented in this page, you can see a full Blender render of a stadium (Arsenal's Emirates Stadium) found in the game files of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018.

This plugin will be released publicly once finished, with the code being available on GitHub as well for anyone to contribute.