Hero Tales is a 3D top-down Action-Adventure game developed in Unity and C#. In this game you take on the role of a brave, sword-wielding adventurer whose quest revolves around defeating a never-ending number of enemy waves. The main character becomes stronger throughout his adventure in an attempt to keep up with the increasingly difficult foes he has to face. This game was created as a project needed for the module called "High Level Game Development" in the University of Kingston in London.

As written above, the game was developed using C# in Unity. The Assets used are mostly downloaded from the Unity Asset store.

It was a challenging objective to work with assets that were from different sources and try to link them all together. For instance, the player model was linked with a sword, so there was a significant effort involved in order to remove this sword from the model and try to give it to the player separately after he has reached a certain point in the game. However, in the end the game turns out to be quite enjoyable and engaging as you try to reach the highest level of difficulty possible.

Finally, the sound was designed and recorded completely from scratch, using my own piano.

The game can be played on your browser by visiting this link.