PES Editor, is a web project that started in the summer of 2014. This website allows the user (or a group of users) to create and modify the default Pro Evolution Soccer game database, so that they are able to have teams and players they want in the game.

This online editor gives the user a lot more options compared to the editor that the original game provides.

Some of those options include the simultaneous editing of the database by more than one users, compatibility with 2 different platforms (PC and PS4) for every project and of course, it can override some of the editing limitations in place from the default in-game editor. For every mod the user creates, it is possible to download ready-to-import PC or PS4 files, as the website builds them on the fly.

This project, developed with PHP and jQuery, has been developed and changed it's shape a lot throughout the years, as it was developed while learning and exploring new options and technologies. However, because of that, the code needs to be refactored in order to help expanding it in the future.

In order for the website to build files in the appropriate format to import in the game, there has been a lot of study on the game files so that the building process creates files exactly similar to the default ones. Additionally, for the PS4 files, there is an encryption-decryption process that the game uses, which was decyphered and recreated on the website.

PES Editor has been made public to the editing communities of the game and has been used for many different projects since.