Ultimate Creation Script is a Visual C# application, which was made to achieve automation for specific actions on several gaming consoles such as the PS4 and the Xbox One.

In order to achieve what was needed, this application needed to "communicate" with 2 external devices, the first being Elgato HD, a device which can transfer video and audio from consoles to PC, and the other being Titan One, a device used on consoles such as PS4 or Xbox One that can emulate a controller and with it you can send custom input from a PC.

For this communication, there were 2 custom libraries built, one for Elgato and one for Titan One. These libraries handled the connection with these devices, and for the Elgato device, it also contained special OCR recognition functions, so that the application could read the video input at any given time. Similarly, the Titan One library contained functions to send custom input at will.

The OCR was built based on Tesseract and was trained with custom fonts depending on the game it was going to be used on.

Another feature this application has, is the possibility for the user to create their own automation scripts. For this to happen, a custom scripting language was developed to support commands such as reading specific parts of the screen or checking mail accounts for received mails.

For actions such as those of checking mail accounts, there were several methods used, depending on the mail server. For example, Selenium and web-browser automation was used for checking microsoft accounts (Outlook/Live), and REST API calls for web.de accounts.

This application was not made public as it was developed solely for private company usage.